A Bit of Bad Luck has taken home the Indie Spirit Award from the 2014 Boston International Film Festival. The official trailer has also been released this week. Watch it here.
Returning to the stage, Stefan has accepted the role of Henryk in Confrontational Theatre's project, Starling, which will play in Seattle in June of this year.
Lucky Them (Toni Collette, Oliver Platt) has acquired by IFC and has just released the official trailer. Watch it here.
A Bit of Bad Luck (Cary Elwes and Teri Polo) will make its world debut in April at the 2014 Boston International Film Festival.
Decimation will make its New Mexico debut as an official selection for the 2014 Taos Film Festival.
Decimation will make its New Mexico debut as an official selection for the 2014 Taos Film Festival.
Decimation will make its New Mexico debut as an official selection for the 2014 Taos Film Festival.
Brightwood takes the award for Best Acting Ensemble at the Stories by the River Film Festival in Quincy, MA.
The official site is now live for Wanderhouse Productions, the production partnership entity of Stefan Hajek and Rosalie Miller.
Wrapped a cameo appearance in the period drama, The Devil Walks in Salem, filmed on location at Fort Nisqually in Tacoma, WA.
Wrapped the role of Hiram on the film, M is for Manny, as a part of the ABCs of Death competition.
Turning Point is making a stop in Oregon as an Official Selection of the Eugene International Film Festival.
Decimation makes its Middle East debut as an Official Selection at the Baghdad International Film Festival, and will have its New York State premiere as an Official Selection at the Chelsea International Film Festival.
Lucky Them debuts at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.
Just wrapped role of James the Runner on the film, 487.
Turning Point has been selected to screen and compete at the 2013 Napa Valley Film Festival.
Decimation, Turning Point, and Solid Blue have all been announced as official selections for the 2013 Tacoma Film Festival.
Wrapped role of John Callahan on the dramatic feature film, A Bad Summer for Tomatoes. More on the film here.
Turning Point is announced as an official selection for Awareness Fest, and also takes away a Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Utah Arts Festival.
Decimation is announced as official selection for the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Port Townsend Film Festival.
Decimation was presented with a Special Jury Prize from Seattle International Film Festival for outstanding narrative drama. Thanks to SIFF and to the dedicated team who brought this film to screen. Read more here.
A Bit Of Bad Luck won Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, ahead of its official release. See the announcement on the LA Movie Awards website.
Turning Point is an official selection for the Utah Arts Festival's film program, Fear No Film. More on the festival here.
The narrative period drama, Decimation, has been announced as an official selection for the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival, where it will make its public premiere. Stefan was a lead actor in and producer on the project. More information on Decimation is here.
Bound to be Different, Stefan's first short film as director, was chosen as audience favorite and winner of the Sound of Silents film festival. As a result, it will be an official selection in the 2013 Seattle Interntional Film Festival. More info at
Stefan's short film, Bound to be Different, is an official selection at the SIFF Sound of Silents film festival, in coorperation with the Seattle Composers Alliance. More information at
Wrapped principal shooting on narrative drama, A Moment, Stolen, which was written by Stefan, who also served as Director of Photography..
Theatrical release dates for the feature film, Eden, have been announced. Find out more and view the trailer on the film's website.
Wrapped short narrative drama film, The Date, directed by Stefan, in third collaboration with cinematographer, Jesus R. Valenzuela, and first collaboration with writer, Andrew Horton.
Seattle Theater Readers and Northwest Screenwriter's Guild has announced that Stefan's original script, A Moment, Stolen has been selected for the 2013 Fade In award.
Wrapped role of Guitarist on the latest Megan Griffiths film, Lucky Them.
Eden is screening March 7th at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California. The screening is at 7:00 pm at the California Theater. 
Brightwood is off to a great start this year, and three more festivals, Filmstock, Taos Shortz, and the Fallbrook International Film Fest have announced the film as selected.
Brightwood has been gaining more traction on the festival circuit, having been selected this year for Taos Shorts Festival, Beloit International Film Festival, and New York Independent Film Festival.

The comedy film, Seeing Other People, which Stefan produced and in which he played a supporting role, is an official featured selection film for the Dam Short Film Festival.

Wrapped principal photography on Solid Blue, a documentary about the Seattle Police bagpipes and drums band,co- produced and co-directed by Stefan.
Eden wins Audience Award for Best Film at the 2012 San Diego Asian Film Festival.
Brightwood is announced for another festival, this time as an official selection at the Santa Fe Film Festival.
Wrapped role of Stew in the feature film A Bit of Bad Luck in Morton, WA with a very solid cast and crew. Great experience.
Turning Point has been announced as an official selection for the Carmel Art and Music Festival.
Brightwood has been selected for the Mount Hood Independent Film Festiva and the Astoria lnternational Film Festival.
Turning Point has made it through post and final edit has been confirmed. The film, which was produced by and features Stefan also as an actor, is currently being submitted to festivals.
Wrapped role of Prisoner No 5 in the period drama, Decimation. Also served as producer on the project, which filmed for a week in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. The film is now in post-production. More on Decimation can be found on the website or Facebook.
The film Brightwood has been accepted into the Tacoma Film Festival. More information on the screening can be found here.
Recently cast in a principal role in the feature film, A Bit of Bad Luck, which will be shooting in September. Also in September, principal photography will be taking place for Decimation.
The dramatic film, Decimation, the follow-up to 160 Acres (Strangeland Films), is currently in pre-production. Stefan will act in the project, as well as serving as producer.
Three films, Eden, Brightwood and Bunker, all in which Stefan acted, have been accepted into and will screen at the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival. Showing details and more on SIFF can be found here.
The feature drama, Heart of the Counry, is officially wrapped on production in North Carolina and New York, and is officially in post-production. Stefan plays the role of Hardy and worked as co-producer on the film. More on this project can be found here.
Yahoo! Voices features Stefan in an interview found here.
The feature film, Eden, wins the Best Narrative Feature Audience Award at the 2012 South by Southwest Festival!
The feature film, Heart of the Counry, is officially in pre-production in North Carolina, with principal photography slated for March/April 2012. Stefan plays the role of Hardy and will co-produce the film as well. More here.
The feature film, Eden, will make its world premiere at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. See the announcement here, and find out more on the movie here.
Wrapped role of The Killer in the drama, Turning Point, shot on location in Los Angeles. Also served as Producer and 1st AD on the project.
What Lies Between Us has wrapped principal photography. Stefan served as Producer and UPM. The project is now in post-production and slated for release in late 2012. More on the project here.
Slated to produce a short dramatic film in Los Angeles entitled What Lies Between Us. Principal photography will take place in mid-January 2012. More on the project here.
Stefan completed his first film as a director. As a first project for film school, he shot and edited a super-8mm short. Check it out here.
Wrapped lead role of Aidan in the film, Bunker, shot on location in Bellevue, Washington.
Wrapped supporting role of Richard in the film Brightwood, filmed on location in Harbor Island, Washington.
Wrapped supporting role of Deputy Ellis in the feature film, Eden, filmed in various locations all over Washington state.
Wrapped supporting role of John Callahan on the feature film, A Bad Summer for Tomatoes, shot in Bainbridge Island, Washington over the course of July and August.
Wrapped lead role of Ed Cummins on the period drama, 160 Acres, shot in the high desert of Southern Oregon.
The Archetype Pictures website is now live. Stefan serves as COO at Archetype and works as a producer on Archetype's film projects.
Legacy Filmworks will be partnering with Archetype Pictures on the feature film, Dresden Sun. The project, currently in development, has secured Mike Fenton for casting, and is doing the rounds at Cannes. Stefan is slated to play a principal role in and produce the project.
Hors D'oeuvres, the Matador collective's first stage show, was received well by audiences, with all three shows being sold out completely. Thanks to everyone who came out!
Stefan returns to Los Angeles in one week to act on stage with Matador, in its first stage production, Hors D'oeuvres.
The comedy, Seeing Other People, has completed photography. The film, executive produced by Matador, starred Stefan, and he also served as lead producer.
Post-production on Currency Rising is done and the film is being submitted to festivals. More on the project can be found on Facebook.
A rough trailer for Currency Rising has been cut and posted. Check it out on the Archetype Pictures Vimeo page.
Principal photography for Currency Rising is complete. The thriller starred and was produced by Stefan Hajek.
Currency Rising, a non-linear narrative written and directed by Michael Ryan, and produced by Archetype Pictures, is in pre-production, with principal photography slated for January, 2011.

The Facebook page for the movie, I Am, officially has over 40,000 fans. Check I Am out on Facebook.

20th Century Fox has officially released the feature film, I Am. Check out the website for more information.
The horror short, Changed, the first movie completed by Archetype Pictures, has been posted in its entirety on the Archetype Vimeo page. Stefan starred in and produced the project in the fall of 2009.
The feature film, I Am, is in pre-release screenings and will preview in over 1,000 organizations globally over the course of October 2010. Stefan Hajek starred in and co-produced the project.
New website is up and operational. Check it out!